Barnes & Roche provides complimentary resource materials to its clients, including the e-newsletter Directions in Development, which provides in-depth analysis of issues in philanthropy, and periodic Special Alerts, which provide timely commentary on current events and evolving practices.

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Issues of Directions in Development currently available in downloadable format are:

Back to School With An Annual Fund Consultation (2011 - Volume 29, No. 1)
Barnes & Roche Year End Message (December 2010) 
CEO and Board Chair (2010 - Volume 28, No. 1)
Training Your Solicitors (2009 - Volume 27, No. 5)
The 365-Day Campaign (2009 - Volume 27, No. 4)
Balancing Act:  Walking the Fine Line of Volunteer/Staff Relationships(2009 - Volume 27, No. 3)
Are You Waiting for Recovery?  (2009 - Volume 27, No. 2)
Capitalizing on Creative Destruction (2009 - Volume 27, No. 1)
Fundraising in a Difficult Economic Climate (2008 - Volume 26, No. 2)

Hard copies of the following issues are available upon request:

Women as Donors: The Hidden Constituency from Advancing Philanthropy, The Journal of the National Society of Fund Raising Executives (1993)

With more money concentrated in the hands of women, what are the keys to cultivating and motivating this critical market to give? 

Financing Fund-raising (1992 - Volume 19, No. 1)

Strategies for paying for your campaign range from developing reserves and borrowing to building costs into ongoing giving programs.

Turning Time to Campaign Advantage (1985 - Volume 12, No. 1)

Establishing a workable timetable (internally and externally), maintaining flexibility, perceiving the right time to involve volunteers, and a keen sense of the appropriate time to begin a campaign (and whether to announce it or not) are all elements figuring in a higher probability of success.

A Development Program Checkup: A Key to Program Vitality (1984 -Volume 11, No. 1)

A development program checkup is not only a means of spotting problems - it is a valuable tool for a development officer to chart a healthy course for the development program, which is measured by the “bottom line.”

Cultivation is Not a Dirty Word (1979 - Volume 6, No. 3)

Cultivation is a process of building awareness and commitment in a prospect - commitment to accomplishing good (if not great) things in partnership with an institution.

Seven Good Reasons Not to Have a Capital Campaign (1978 - Volume 5, No. 1)

A capital campaign is not a “wonder” cure for all the ills that plague organizations, but that is exactly how it has come to be regarded in some quarters. (Reprinted in the March 1978 issue of AGB Report.)


On occasion, when unique events call for timely commentary, Barnes & Roche issues Special Alerts. The following Special Alert is available in downloadable format: 

Steege/Thomson Advisory on Communication During Financial Crisis– 10/10/08

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format.  If you do not have it installed, follow this link to download it for free:  Adobe Acrobat Reader